Enseignements Denis BUEHLER 2021-2022

Introduction to philosophy of cognitive science
S1 – Salle des Conférences (46 rue d’Ulm) – Vendredi 17h-19h
This course has two main objectives. First, it aims to provide a foundation in some of the major classical issues in the philosophy of cognitive science. Second, it aims to trace how cognitive science has developed since the 1950s.
Ce cours a deux objectifs. Le premier est d’offrir le fondement de la compréhension des débats majeurs classiques en philosophie des sciences cognitives, le deuxième est de retracer l’histoire du développement des sciences cognitives depuis les années 1950.

Reference and Meaning
S1 – Salle Asia Djebar (29ulm) – Mardi 14h-17h
In this advanced course we will engage with the defining debates in analytic philosophy in the 20th century,
focusing on questions concerning reference and meaning, and tracing how these debates inform current issues in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science.